‘Hobbit Day’ photos from Harcourt Mifflin Harcourt

Thanks to a Rivendell-worthy effort by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, people around the United States celebrated “Hobbit Day,” celebrated worldwide on Sept. 22, in very creative fashion! Details here:

Here are some photos from the various events!

At Phoenix Books in Vermont

At Booktrader in New Jersey

At Gibson’s in New Hampshire

See all the photos here!


Hobbit review from 1938

This is so fascinating! Thank you to yeoldenews.tumblr.com for digging up this old Hobbit review from The Frederick Post on March 17, 1938:

“The Hobbit is humorous and original; and packed from cover to cover with hair-raising thrills and magic,” says Olive Roberts Barton. Do you think she had any idea, now on the 75th anniversary of the book, that it would be turned into one of the most anticipated feature films of all-time?

Do you agree with Barton’s take?

Bilbo Baggins, by book-collector

Here’s a deliciously poignant art piece of Bilbo Baggins from book-collector.deviantart, which we felt absolutely compelled to share!

We love how she captures the calm, leisurely way of the Shire, while also giving Bilbo an adventurous eye. He will always be Hobbiton by blood, but he’ll always be between there and back again. Beautiful work!

Spotted on her merrydisposition tumblr.

A real ‘Hobbit Home’

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to REALLY live like a hobbit, smoking your morning pipe and trekking the breathtaking trails of the Shire? As www.simondale.net shows, that dream has been realized!

We thank miss-hollys-musings.tumblr.com for spotting and posting about this! Here are her words:

I’ve always loved fairytale cottages ever since I was old enough to read fairytales, so when I read about this “hobbit home” a while back, I meant to reblog it, but completely forgot about it.
They designed and built it themselves, for only £3000, and it’s completely sustainable and eco-friendly. If only all modern houses could be made like this!
So now I can look at it every day on my dashboard and use it as inspiration when I (try) to build my own hobbit house. Who needs a mansion, eh?

All photos (and house) belong to www.simondale.net