Hobbit trailer review – Fantasy in Motion

We came across this extremely well-written review of the newest Hobbit trailer, which is really worth the read. Here are James of Fantasy in Motion’s words:

The first thing that strikes me from watching this trailer is how different this trilogy is going to be from The Lord of the Rings. Where LOTR focused on the hopeless, desperate fight against Sauron, this movie looks like it’s centred on adventure, high jinks and mystery. It seems to have a great sense of humour, too; something LOTR also had in a poignant sort of way. Of course, you’d need the movie to have that humour, with a band of dwarves and a hobbit driving events.

Not just any hobbit, mind you. This one’s played by the fantastic Martin Freeman, well loved in the UK for his roles in The Office and Sherlock. This man has a natural talent for bringing warmth and a sense of reality to his characters. His face conveys every emotion known to man and he has a really likable “every man” kind of way about him. He’s going to do this character justice and it looks like he’s managed to still keep Ian Holm’s older Bilbo appearance from LOTR relevant and believable.

Now, onto the internet’s favourite Hobbit-related topic… Gollum returns! But wait, it’s not just the old CGI Gollum as you once knew him! This one’s… the precioussssss.

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Frodo and His Pipeweed

I’ve never seen this picture before, so I thought I’d share it.

Image by Frodo Is Shot

‘I was Jealous of Lord of the Rings Stars’ – Luke Evans

As we’ve already said there are many new stars to The Hobbit cast and many of our beloved favorite LOTR characters are returning. One such new member of the cast is Luke Evans  (as Bard the Bowman)  who is very greatful to be joining.

“I was just very jealous of them, in a healthy way, but it was always something I was envious of. And now I’m here, and now I’m actually one of those boys. I’ll always remember this as one of those experiences in my life.

Aren’t we all a little jealous of the amazing experiences the cast of LoTR get to have working with Peter Jackson while seeing the beautiful New Zealand countryside? We can’t wait to see Evans in this movie joining this fantastic cast.

Check out the full article on Digital Spy

Benedict Cumberbatch Talks On Filming The Hobbit

With much anticipation for the Hobbit here is a clip of Benedict Cumberbatch (Smaug the dragon) talking about his time working on the Hobbit. He has now finished working on the Hobbit and moved onto Star Trek but we look forward to hearing his voice alongside Martin Freeman. After watching these two amazing actors in Sherlock and the dynamic between them I can only imagine how hard it was for them to stay in character. Hopefully we will see some clips of them attempting to film this scene in the behind the scenes with release of the DVD.


Viggo Mortensen Sings for Geeks

Image byTheOneRing.Net

What a treat this audience received when they went to see a screening of the LOTR trilogy (extended editions) at the Coolidge Theater in Boston.  They actually had awarded him the Coolidge Award. So, he spent a couple of minutes talking about his LOTR fun facts, and then probably the best part was the last 30 seconds of the video.

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VIDEO: The Hobbit – Production Video #6


The first production video of 2012! Peter Jackson first starts off talking about shooting in… Lake Town! But unfortunately, he won’t show you that, which is just as well, because you don’t want to be spoiled with too much of the 2nd movie anyway.

This video mainly consists of all the location shooting throughout all of New Zealand, including Piopio, Central Otago, Queenstown, Te Anau, Twizel, and Nelson. So, if you’re wondering if New Zealand is truly that beautiful as they’ve shown in LOTR, then you’ll be able to see how real it is in this video. I’ve been there myself, so I definitely know it’s beautiful.

Plus, you get to see some of the cast: William Kirchner (Bifur), Aidan Turner (Kili), Dean O’Gorman (Fili), Adam Brown (Ori), Jed Brophy (Nori), Martin Freeman (Bilbo), Mark Hadlow (Dori), Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Graham McTavish (Dwalin), and Stephen Hunter (Bombur).

Andy Serkis, who’s work goes beyond that of Gollum, explains part of his job as 2nd Unit Director.

One interesting note: On day 127, they are exactly halfway through shooting (both films together).