The Economic Impact of The Hobbit

What is The Hobbit? Just some top quality entertainment, right? Wrong!

Emily has sent us a really cool video explaining how a phenomenon like The Hobbit has a major overall impact on the worldwide economy (while still being super entertaining!)

Click here to watch!

Click here to watch!

Cate Blanchett ‘Stalked’ Her Way into The Hobbit

In a recent interview with Flicks and Bits, Cate Blanchett talked about her disappointingly brief time on the set of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and how it essentially led her to “become a stalker” when rumors of The Hobbit began to surface!

“I had no expectation that there would be anything more after the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I thought that was sort of the end of the journey – and my time on that trilogy was all too brief. I was there for three or four weeks, even though they shot for such a long time, I was only there for that amount of time. So when I heard that Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh (producer/screenwriter) and Philippa Boyens (screenwriter) were going to embark upon The Hobbit, I became a stalker, and I literally called my agent – and I don’t really bother my agent that much, but I called her pretty much everyday to say, “Is there any word yet? Is Galadriel going to be in it?” I kept getting the answer that Peter doesn’t know yet, because of course Galadriel doesn’t appear much in The Hobbit book, so I was hoping against hope. And then when I got word that, in fact, she was going to be in a small section of it I was over the moon. It was a little bit like returning to Summer camp, in that so many of the people that were a part of the first journey are a part of this journey. It’s an amazing thing to be able to return to something that begun 12 years ago.”

Flicks and Bits also talked to Hugo Weaving in the interview, who talked about what delving into the fantastical world of Middle Earth to tell stories about the human condition means to him:

We’re all dressed up and pretending, creating this world – and that’s the wonderful thing about it. That’s why you do it, you try to illuminate another reality, or illuminate another internal reality for a particular person or a group of people, create a whole new world. And in this sense it’s a really fantastical world, which has repercussions for who we are as people, even though they’re elves and dwarves and hobbits, there’s obvious parallels between the world which we inhabit and in which these characters inhabit. That’s a delight, it’s why we do it. For me this Middle-earth world is so interesting.


Gandalf Preps Bilbo in New Hobbit Clip

With just hours to go before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters in the US, Coming soon has released an exclusive new clip from the film!

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A Return to Middle Earth TV Special

Movieclips Coming Soon has a great new 13-minute TV Special on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey that goes into more detail than we’ve seen thusfar! I

Thanks for the tip, Geek Tyrant!

Why The Hobbit is Making Early Viewers Queasy

An Unexpected Journey is causing an unexpected problem with some early viewers, perhaps because they ate a big dinner or caught a bug before the show!

Why The Hobbit is Making Early Viewers Queasy

According to Blastr:

The New Zealand Herald reports that fans checking out The Hobbit’s New Zealand premiere (those lucky dogs) have had issues with nausea, dizziness and migraines caused by the faster-than-usual frame rate.

Typically, films run at a rate 24 frames per second. But to make The Hobbit freakishly sharp, Jackson opted to adopt the experimental 48 frames per second. The director has been raving about the frame rate bump for much of the film’s development, with the biggest advantage being that it cuts down on motion blur for effects.

For most fans it won’t even matter, as only a small number of theaters will show the film at 48 frames per second, as the studio tests the market for the new effect. But for those lucky enough to catch it as Jackson intended, you might want to make it a light meal before heading in.

All The Hobbit Trailers Edited Together in Chronological Order!

We’re so very close to the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in theaters! In the meantime, Geek Tyrant has discovered a brilliant 8-minute video that cuts together all the trailers from the film in chronological order to create the longest running preview yet!

Why Martin Freeman was cast as Bilbo Baggins

In a recent interview, The Hobbit co-writer Phillipa Boyens explains why Martin Freeman was ultimately chosen for the coveted role of Bilbo Baggins!

“His great sense of comedy is something we do need in the story. He’s quintessentially English, and that’s a hard thing to define, and one of his great gifts as an actor is that he’s immediately likeable.”

“There’s nothing obviously heroic about tumbling out of your door going off chasing treasure — and not even knowing exactly why you’ve done it either! So we needed somebody with a great range, who lets you in, and is also really quite athletic too — it’s a physical role.”

Do you think Martin Freeman complements Ian Holmes’ original version of the older, wiser Bilbo Baggins?

via Blastr.