A real ‘Hobbit Home’

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to REALLY live like a hobbit, smoking your morning pipe and trekking the breathtaking trails of the Shire? As www.simondale.net shows, that dream has been realized!

We thank miss-hollys-musings.tumblr.com for spotting and posting about this! Here are her words:

I’ve always loved fairytale cottages ever since I was old enough to read fairytales, so when I read about this “hobbit home” a while back, I meant to reblog it, but completely forgot about it.
They designed and built it themselves, for only £3000, and it’s completely sustainable and eco-friendly. If only all modern houses could be made like this!
So now I can look at it every day on my dashboard and use it as inspiration when I (try) to build my own hobbit house. Who needs a mansion, eh?

All photos (and house) belong to www.simondale.net


It’s so pretty there.


This way to Hobbiton!  Or maybe we should stop by the Green Dragon for a bit.

Elijah Wood Talks About Returning to Middle Earth

Elijah Wood was only 19 years old when he last was in Hobbiton.  He is now 31 years old.  Yes, 31, folks!  And you know what… he still looks pretty much the same as he did 11 years ago.  Sure, he can’t walk around San Diego International Comic-Con like he did before the Lord of the Rings trilogy became a big hit without being bombarded with fangirls and fanboys alike, but I doubt he’d take any of his experience filming in New Zealand back (and I don’t blame him.)

So, here we are, with long awaited The Hobbit coming to theaters later this year, and Collider got a chance to speak to Elijah about returning to New Zealand and to Hobbiton:

It’s such an incredible treat.  It’s not often that you have such an intense formative life experience, and then, ten year later, get to revisit that.  It was really amazing, going back to New Zealand.  So many of the crew, who had worked on Rings, are working on The Hobbit.  A number of the same actors are working on it.  We shot a little bit in Hobbiton, and I realized that I had turned 19 in Hobbiton.  I was there 11 years ago.  That’s bonkers!  And it hasn’t changed.  It was really amazing!  It was a remarkable experience, and a great family reunion.  It felt like stepping back into time.  It was a gift.  It was awesome!

Elijah also talks about his work on the animated Disney series, TRON:Uprising, as well as the 2nd season of Wilfred, and a few other things he has his hand in.  You can read the interview here.

Frodo and His Pipeweed

I’ve never seen this picture before, so I thought I’d share it.

Image by Frodo Is Shot