Sauron tries to get ring back

This clever photo comes courtesy of George Takei’s Facebook page. After failing to procure the ring from Gollum and Bilbo, Sauron has turned to more creative measures:


As you can see, Frodo didn’t fall for that. He’s a Baggins, not some blockheaded Bracegirdle from Hardbottle!

Thanks to Jessica R. for pointing this out to us!

Advertisements makes the case for Tauriel, and has action figure photos

There’s been some outcry among hardcore fans that the Peter Jackson-created character, Tauriel (played by Evangeline Lilly), is an ill-intentioned plea to woo the romance crowd. We’ve been fans of the move at, and so is

There are some folks out there incensed that Peter Jackson has added a character to The Hobbit, a sentiment I almost entirely lack sympathy for. In another case, I might understand, but unlike The Lord of the Rings, with its four women (three of whom appear in one scene each), The Hobbit has exactly zero named female characters. Jackson’s inclusion of material from the LotR appendixes have already brought Galadriel into a story in which she otherwise does not appear, and that’s about as far as he’s likely to get with canonical characters, since Liv Tyler hasn’t been hired on. So those of you who, like me, welcome the addition of Evangeline Lilly’s Tauriel, kickass commander of Mirkwood military forices, will be interested to see what her character looks like, as revealed by some action figures.

They also have shots of the new Tauriel action figures:

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When do Hobbit tickets go on sale? November 7!

As TheOneRing.Net reports, tickets for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey go on sale in the U.S. on Wednesday, November 7 at Noon EST. That’s 9:00 a.m. in California. Here’s what your movie ticket might look like if you go to a midnight show!

Who’s excited??

‘Hobbit Day’ photos from Harcourt Mifflin Harcourt

Thanks to a Rivendell-worthy effort by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, people around the United States celebrated “Hobbit Day,” celebrated worldwide on Sept. 22, in very creative fashion! Details here:

Here are some photos from the various events!

At Phoenix Books in Vermont

At Booktrader in New Jersey

At Gibson’s in New Hampshire

See all the photos here!

Stills from the new Hobbit trailer

Here are some dazzling stills from the new Hobbit trailer, courtesy of Huffington Post. Go to Huffington Post to see the fill slideshow.

As you can see…Gollum’s so anxious to look, so you should too! Click on “Continue Reading” to check out more pictures of breathtaking scenery and exhilarating adventure.

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New Hobbit photos from USA Today

USA Today has a striking new collection of Hobbit photos that ought to leave every Tolkien fan salivating. And we’ll get to see the whole film in less than three months…so exciting!

Here are a few of them:

Bilbo Baggins at Bag End

The dwarves in Bag End

Thorin Oakenshield leads the pack.

Gandalf in the Shire.

See the full collection here!

A real ‘Hobbit Home’

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to REALLY live like a hobbit, smoking your morning pipe and trekking the breathtaking trails of the Shire? As shows, that dream has been realized!

We thank for spotting and posting about this! Here are her words:

I’ve always loved fairytale cottages ever since I was old enough to read fairytales, so when I read about this “hobbit home” a while back, I meant to reblog it, but completely forgot about it.
They designed and built it themselves, for only £3000, and it’s completely sustainable and eco-friendly. If only all modern houses could be made like this!
So now I can look at it every day on my dashboard and use it as inspiration when I (try) to build my own hobbit house. Who needs a mansion, eh?

All photos (and house) belong to