The Time Given to Us

KWent on another Lord of the Rings google search. This was my absolute favorite out of all them.



Fan Art Friday – Elf & Rider

Legolas and Aragorn have arrived!

Artist: Ice-Ridden


Viggo Mortensen Sings for Geeks

Image byTheOneRing.Net

What a treat this audience received when they went to see a screening of the LOTR trilogy (extended editions) at the Coolidge Theater in Boston.  They actually had awarded him the Coolidge Award. So, he spent a couple of minutes talking about his LOTR fun facts, and then probably the best part was the last 30 seconds of the video.

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Which one of the Fellowship would you spend a day with?

You get a day with one of the Fellowship members.  Who would it be?  Would it be Frodo, the ringbearer, who would probably tell you tales of his journey with wide eyes?  Or Samwise the brave, who would tell you his secrets of growing the best vegetables?  Would it be Legolas, the elf, who awe you with his beautiful shiny blond hair and skills with blades and arrows?  Or Gimli, who would challenge you to a drinking duel and laugh as you pass out?  How about Gandalf, who would speak to you about better days to come?  Pippin, who’d laugh and dance and sing with you?  Merry, who would probably do whatever you want?  Or Boromir, who would talk of victories won?  Or would you like to spend a day with the King and see what life is like in royalty?

Elessar Art

This is truly an amazing art piece of Aragorn/Elessar, who was portrayed by Viggo Mortenson from the LOTR trilogy.  The person who painted this is the same one who created the art of Katniss Everdeen seen on the Hunger Games Fandom website.  We highly recommend you check out her work!

Artwork by ^alicexz